Thursday, June 12, 2008

Skeffington's Gyves

Skeffington's Gyves is the name of an ancient torture device. Old school hardcore/punk/thrash 2003-04. As you can see from the videos, Ryan used to flip out, it was awesome. Watch Thrash Song, Ryan does some sick moves. Their website is still up so check it out here:
Vocals-Ryan Hicks Guitar-Sam McCrystal Bass-John Drums-Derek Biggs Bass(later)-Megan K.
R.I.P. Biggs

Live -

Demo 2003 -

Last show ever, at American Legion

Simple Compromise

Thrash Song



downtown guy said...

Those guys were always fun. Especially at Fade Theory, because it was so small and Ryan would be bouncing off everybody.

Man, I miss Derek.

george said...

that fastbreak shirt is cool.

JoshBentleyMusic said...

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