Monday, July 7, 2008

Cream Abdul Babar

Cream Abdul Babar was an experimental hardcore/metal band that incorporated a trombone and a keyboard. The first time I saw them they set up tiki torches around the stage, dressed up in tribal shit, and wore face paint, it was awesome. They were around for a long time. They just had another reunion show at the Beta Bar which I forgot about and missed but I'm sure it was awesome. They have a shit load of cds so I'm only posting the one I have, go download the rest. I suggest using Soulseek.
There is a bunch of stuff on their website too so check it out -

Buried In Broken Glass -


Anonymous said...

thanks for doing this blog. its tight as shit to have all of this in one spot.

Myspace Mutants said...

fuck yeah!

Beauxmin said...

I am not sure if you are around, but sooooooooo cool! I will always be your biggest fan!